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What Is Climote?

Imagine yourself coming to your home on a cold snowy day and it’s already heated and feeling cosy or waking up on such a morning and not having to get out of bed to turn on the heating.

Wondering How?

Using Climote allows you to be in total control of your home heating; you will be able to control your home heating from anywhere, the office, your laptop, your mobile phone etc…

Using this process is energy saving and will reduce your spend.

Benefits of Climote?


Climote is not just about keeping cosy, it’s actually good for both your pocket and the environment. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Climote allows you to boost your heat; turn it on and off; adjust time settings; and apply 5-day, 7-day, and weekend or holiday schedules.
  • Using Climote guarantees that you’re not heating an empty house, or coming home to a cold one. You can even use it to turn on your heating before you get up in the morning!
  • Climote is simple to install and use, whether you’re at home or elsewhere.
  • The Climote device is both easy to understand and to program and can be accessed remotely by text message, app or computer.
  • Climote can be used in conjunction with any of our solar panel installations.

Climote Heating Control

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