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CPD with Activ8 Solar Energies

When learning, learn from the best.

Continuous Professional Development

Through the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI), Activ8 Solar Energies are offering CPD services to professionals within the construction industry and beyond to learn about the Irish solar industry and integrating solar in your projects.
With over 12 years experience in the industry, there is a reason why Activ8 Solar Energies is leading solar CPD in 2016.

Through careful consultation with the RIAI, we have developed a full CPD programme to deliver excellence in the education of professionals regarding solar technologies and the Irish solar industry.

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Solar Solutions

Solar Thermal


Solar Thermal

  • Education regarding differences between each technology and how they effect your decision making.
  • Meeting your Maximum Permitted Energy Performance Coefficient – Which is best and why (MPEPC).
  • Visual, technical and specification differences between both and implications.
  • Comparison of mounting systems and both new build and retrofit implications.


A Case For Optimised & Microinverter Systems

Understanding the technologies which will be specified on site gives you the freedom to design the house as you wish. If you feel you want split arrays on multiple roofs due to space issues, this can be accommodated with solar microinverters, where as a single roof installation lends itself ideally towards a normal solar string inverter.

Solar Electric (Solar PV) can be designed around any house, in our solar CPD course, we impart the knowledge as to where to put the solar panels and how this can be managed.

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Microinverters On Solar Panels

Aesthetic Aspects

Solar Limpets

Solar Limpets

Solar Slate

Solar Slate

Solar Slate

Roof Integration

DEAP Input

We can provide comprehensive CPD training in relation to DEAP Input with a wealth of knowledge in completing this aspect of the process from the beginning, through property and assessment details, dimensions, building elements, energy requirements right through to results noting which sections will require user input and those that will automatically update throughout.

  • Calculations & inputs.
  • Entry points & checks.
  • Check for Part L, MPCPC and MPEPC Compliance.

DEAP Input

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