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Part L

Making your development Part L compliant using Solar PV through Activ8 Solar Energies

Why Choose Activ8 Solar Energies

Whether it’s a domestic solar system, a commercial solar system or a new development, we have the track record to deliver!

Part L has made its way into every consultant engineer and architect’s lexicon over the past number of years, and so too has the need for solar PV panels on some new build developments. Rather than specifying a 600l cylinder for thermal paneling needed to pass Part L, we have found that Solar PV is often the most cost effective way to both pass Part L and help prevent the costly heating of a massively oversized hot water cylinder.

We will work closely with you to design a solar pv system which ensures compliance to Part L using the following three components:

  • Exported DEAP XML File 
  • A copy of site house/map plans
  • A notice of any shading issues on site

We will then specify a Solar PV system to meet Part L compliance. In doing so, we ensure the MPEC and MPCPC are no greater than their permitted values. Once this criteria is met, a Part L Specification, along with completed DEAP XML file, are exported by us for your specific needs.

Part L Energy Efficiency

A Bio on Our PV Experience

As Ireland’s leading solar specialists, our team here at Activ8 Energies were not happy to simply sit back on our laurels after being officially confirmed as the SEAI’s highest installer of solar thermal panels in Ireland, so in early 2012 we established our Solar PV division called Solar NI (based out of Lisburn) at the time to service the growing Northern Irish solar energy market. This was due to the presence of Renewables Obligation scheme’s incentives which meant a customer got paid for generating their own excess electricity. Within a year, we outgrew our office in Lisburn and moved to a larger warehousing and office facility to facilitate both our Solar PV Wholesaling and our growing sales team in Northern Ireland.

In the space of just 3 years, we have installed over 1,000 Solar PV Systems between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and have established direct working relationships with the top global solar panel manufacturers including Suntech Solar Modules, Schletter Mounting Systems, Solis String Inverters and Enphase Energies Micro Inverters.

With over 15,000 solar panels installed, in retro fit, new build and commercial applications, our Solar PV team (our installs are not sub-contracted) have built an enviable reputation across the island of Ireland, both north and south of the border. All of our installs are carried out to the highly regulated standards of MCS; standards which are neither enforced nor adhered to by many in the Republic of Ireland. We now bring this PV experience and MCS quality work to burgeoning Part L installations across the Republic.

Solar NI
Suntech Solar Power Logo

Suntech Solar Panels

As the world’s leading producer of solar modules, Suntech Power have shipped over 25,000,000 Solar Photovoltaic Panels worldwide, crossing the 8GW mark. They put all of their passion and expertise into manufacturing first class solar products, combining the highest levels of quality and reliability with excellent value for money. The company was recently bought by Shunfeng, the biggest clean energy company in the world, so you know you’re in good hands with Suntech. This is a truly global partnership that creates value in what we can offer Activ8 Solar Energies customers.

    • High Module Conversion Efficiency of up to 16.6% can be achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilities.
    • Monocrystaline Panel black on black for aesthetically pleasing design.
    • Positive Tolerance of up to 5% delivers higher output reliability.
    • Bloomberg Tier 1 Standard: The standard global verification of product and company bankability.
    • VDE & MCS Certified: Exceeding industry standard testing.
    • Triple E Registered by Activ8 Solar Energies & Solar NI by the SEAI’s Triple E register.
  • Quality – ISO 9001 accreditation for Quality Management Systems.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Vetted by independent surveys and backed by IWA – 99% Customer Satisfaction.
  • Delivery of Service – Pioneered 1-Day install with no sub-contracting whatsoever.
  • Referral Power: 30-40% of our business comes from referrals, highlighting customer satisfaction.
  • Deposit & Warranty Protection: IWA Lifetime Membership – Deposit & warranty protected by third party.
  • Industry Partnerships: We have established partnerships with the biggest names in the Irish and global solar industry.

ISO 9001 Accreditation

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