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How Solar Thermal Works


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Solar Thermal Is Our Thing.

With over 7,000+ Installs in Ireland, we are the most trusted solar installer in Ireland. Our installation process is something we’ve perfected over time.

1 Installation Survey

Solar Panel Installation Survey

The installation begins with an introduction to a fully qualified Activ8 engineer, who will carry out a survey of your home to create the most efficient install plan for your new solar hot water system.

The survey includes measuring your hot press in preparation to replace your cylinder with a new, higher capacity model. The surveyor also measures the dimensions and orientation of the proposed roof and begins formulating a clear idea on which option from our range of solar panels is best suited to your home.

The final survey comes back to Activ8 HQ for confirmation that your home is suitable for installation based on:

Our Health & Safety Policies

Solar Home Survey

2 Solar Panel Installation Team

Solar Panel Installation Team

Once measurements are collected and sent to our warehouse for bespoke fitting, our team verify each component needed for your bespoke Activ8 solar package.

Each careful step in this process ensures that your solar panel installation goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible as well as guaranteeing that our solar panel system is specified to your roof and optimal solar performance.

Our team of engineers and tradesmen then load your specially-designed solar roof panels for delivery and using up-to-date GPS tracking they will arrive at the agreed time to complete your installation, as with all Activ8 installations, our team will be made up of the following professions on the day of install:

  • Roofer
  • Plumber
  • Electrician

Solar Panel Specification

3 The Big Installation Day

Our One Day Installation

The team arrive at the appointed time and introduce themselves. Our qualified team leader will explain the whole process.

Your cylinder is replaced in your hot press with our higher capacity model, slates on your roof are removed to make way for the solar heating panels. Insulated pipes are connected to the pump station in your attic.

Our engineers will use a flashing system specially designed for solar panel installation in Ireland, durable and well able to cope with Irish roofs and weather conditions.

As soon as the pipe work is connected, the solar system is flooded with glycol which acts as a heat-transfer medium.

Final checks ensure the safety of the energy system and a BER survey is completed and the BER certificate will be forwarded to you.

Our team ensure that they clean your property as they finish work, leaving it in the condition it was found prior to work commencement.

The team leader then instructs you on the safe use of your new solar water heating system and within the same day, your new solar panels will begin heating your water and you will enjoy free, renewable energy from your Activ8 solar energy water heating system for many years to come.

  • ISO 9001 accreditation for Quality Management Systems
  • Vetted by SEAI & IWA – 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • 12+ years solar experience with 7,000+ installs
  • Pioneered 1-Day install with no sub-contracting
  • 30-40% of our business comes from referrals
  • IWA – Deposit & warranty protected by third party
  • Market leading post-install service.
  • Solar technicians trained in Austria at GREENoneTEC HQ

Post-Installation System

ISO 9001 Accreditation

Your Activ8 Solar Panels Will Be Chosen For Your House Specifically!

On the left is our in-roof panel and on the right is our on-roof panel and to learn more about this go to our Solar Panels page to get more information!

In Roof Solar Panel

On Roof Solar Panel

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

My solar system has been installed over 5 years, and it is honestly some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

Pat McEnaney

  • Our systems are bespoke and are tailored to suit all family sizes.
  • Our customer service has gotten us an IWA independent customer satisfaction rate of 99%.
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