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How Solar Thermal Works
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Activ8 Solar Servicing

Maintaining your Solar Thermal Systems refers to periodically checking several components. These routine controls assist the engineer in immediately detecting possible irregularities or faults. Solar Thermal Systems are largely considered to be completely maintenance Free. Nevertheless Activ8 Solar Energies recommend examining the solar thermal panel system every 3 to 4 years.

  • Depending on the solar thermal panel system location, the antifreeze protection must be more than -21 deg.
  • The pH value measured using the pH litmus test strips must be above 7.5
  • A insufficient pH Value (Under 7.0) can result in damages to the copper pipes
  • When the pH value fails the value, the antifreeze must be replaced.
  • Visual inspection and examination of all parts for damage
  • Inspection of the glass pane or solar tubes for damage and soiling
  • Inspection of all solar connections
  • Inspection of the antifreeze ph value and antifreeze protection
  • Inspection of the function of all control processes
  • Inspection of the collecting main of the expansion tank
  • Pressure inspection
  • Inspection of sensor functions
  • Control setting inspection
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Managing Your Solar Panels With Activ8 Solar Energies

Product Life Expectancy

Your solar panels have an expected life span, as well as numerous product guarantees and warranties. These warranties are upheld by us and our partners based upon your commitment to taking care of them through dedicated servicing.

Service Timing

As with all things new, your solar panels will not need servicing for the first few years. We recommend and actually check in with you after a given period of time to make sure that your solar panels are working accordingly and advise on servicing needs.

Protect Your Investment

With an investment in solar, comes great saving opportunities. Just as you would with a car, you take necessary steps to service the asset and guarantee it’s working to it’s full capacity. Solar is no different and needs servicing for a number of reasons.

A basic service should be conducted every 3 to 4 years. For example, the antifreeze in the solar circuit may have reached its end of life and will not be providing the freeze protection required for a cold winter.