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Solar Farm Development

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Solar Farms

With interest in Solar Farms growing in Ireland, as Ireland’s leading solar installer, we are best positioned to lead the revolution, with many projects already in application.

Solar Farm Components

Solar Farm Components
  • 02. Inverters

    The power from the solar panels is sent to an inverter. These inverters convert DC Power to AC Power which is the standard form of electricity in Ireland.

  • 03. Swithcboard

    The electricity from the inverter travels to the switchboard for transfer into the utility provider.

  • 04. Electricity Meter

    The electricity meter receives the electricity from the switchboard, measures the amount and then sells the electricity to the grid.

  • 05. Electricity Grid

    The electricity grid simply refers to the electricity providers network, the electricity you sell back to the grid is then used by other customers.

Why Solar Farms in Ireland

Solar Radiation Ireland Map
  • Annual Solar Radiation Levels

Ireland has similar annual radiation levels to the UK, where over 5GW has been installed to date.

  • Solar PV Panel Performance

Solar PV panels do not need direct sunlight to generate electricity and can generate efficiently with daylight alone.

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Solar Farm Development Process


Selection of land on the farm and specific acreage followed by option agreement.

1 – 3 MONTHS


We submit grid and planning applications for solar farm development.

6 – 9 MONTHS


Agree planning conditions with planning service. Secure power purchase agreement and support subsidy.

3 – 6 MONTHS


Construction of solar farm, security and perimeter construction as well as grid connection.

1 – 2 MONTHS


Site in full operation, with digital monitoring systems and full exportation of electricity to the grid.



Restoration of the land after duration of the lease to it’s prior state before the construction and operation of the solar farm.

If you have the land, we have the opportunity.

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