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 NEW SEAI Solar PV Grant

Up to €3,800 available to install Solar PV on your home today!

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Why Solar PV?

  • NEW SEAI Grant: With €700/kWp and €1,000 for battery storage, you can avail of a grant up to €3,800.

  • Free, Guaranteed Electricity: Our Solar PV systems carry a 25 year performance warranty, meaning you’ll be getting free electricity for at least that period and actually longer.

  • Heating your water: As well as producing electricity for use all around the home, when there is an excess of supply, it will heat your water before being exported to the grid.
  • Saves the environment: Solar PV helps reduce the emission of CO2 and reduce the need for electricity generation from fossil fuels and therefore protects the environment.
  • Battery Storage: With an SEAI grant of €1,000 for battery storage, you can now save excess electricity and use it when you need it!

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Solar PV Panels

Activ8 PV Panels: The best panels, made by the best!

Our panels are engineered in Germany by one of the leading manufacturers in solar cell technology in the world. They put all of their passion and expertise into manufacturing first-class solar products, combining the highest levels of quality and reliability with excellent value for money.

  • Industry Leading output with Activ8 standard panels of 335W Q CELLS panels as standard
  • Q.ANTUM Technology Low levelised cost of electricity with higher yield per surface area, higher BOS, higher power classes and 18% more efficient than other panels
  • Innovative All-Weather Technology brings optimal yield, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behaviour
  • Engineered in Germany award-winning and certified Q CELLS solar panels bring superior performance
  • Reliable Investment with a 25 year performance warranty and 12 year product warranty
  • Module Technology – Q.ANTUM DUO combines cutting edge cell separation and innovative wiring


String Inverter

We use Solis Inverters for our string inverters here in the Republic of Ireland. Used on all of our string inverter packages, you can rest assured that there is the industry standard 5 year warranty on Solis inverters.

Solis Inverters have evolved as a direct result of intensive development work through more than 20 years of engineering, design and renewable energy generation equipment manufacturing excellence.

  • Greater than 95% efficiency under ordinary operational conditions
  • Solis inverters have a design lifespan in excess of 20 years
  • Solis String Inverters are the most reliable budget option in comparison to microinverter installation
Solis Inverters

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

It’s outperforming projections by 14% since being installed in October 2013.

Michael Johnston – Fresh Food Centre, Castlewellan.

  • Generate your own electricity for use all around your household or business.

  • Our customer service has gotten us an IWA independent customer satisfaction rate of 99%.
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Roof Mounting

ESDEC Mounting Systems

ESDEC BV develops, manufactures and supplies professional mounting structures for the mounting of solar panels on roofs, called ClickFit and FlatFix. ClickFit is the collective name for the slanting roof mounting structures. FlatFix is the collective name for the mounting structures for flat roofs. We supply both ESDEC solutions for all types of roofs and situations.

The innovative mounting structures are different because they are easy to install, without compromising on the reliability and durability of the product. This is beneficial for the final quality and longevity of the PV system, backed up by the 20-year product warranty.

  • Patented technology only available in Ireland through Activ8 Energies
  • Super quick installation times with exceptional quality
  • Industry leading 20 year warranty on mounting system products
  • With both ClickFit and FlatFix solutions, there is an ESDEC product to suit your mounting needs

ESDEC ClickFit & FlatFix Mounting Systems

ESDEC ClickFit & FlatFix Mounting Systems

Activ8 Solar Fleet & Rally Car on Panel

Battery Storage

BYD Battery System

Your decision to install Solar PV is a long-term investment. With inverter technology incorporated into your Activ8 Solar Energies PV system, there is another add-on that can add to the overall efficiency of your system. Adding a BYD Battery System can enhance the overall production and optimal usage of the electricity you generate. And there is a €1,000 SEAI grant available for battery technology. Get in contact today to discuss your eligibility.

Choosing to install BYD Battery System package is an optimised solution for energy saving and storing high quality power. The BYD Energy Storage System stores the electric energy generated by your Activ8 Solar PV system for later consumption. Although it is an expensive add-on, it improves energy efficiency, by maximising use of the electricity generated by your solar pv system. The high quality build supplied by BYD provides
the most optimal energy solution for Activ8 solar customers benefiting from BYD’s state-of-the-art energy storage system with a long lifespan.

If the investment in a battery storage system isn’t a financially viable option right now, you can add a hot water divert to maximise the efficiency of your system with the option to add a battery at a later stage always there.

  • Night time use of stored solar energy

  • Minimise loss of electricity generated with storage capabilities
  • Become closer to self-sufficient power generation and consumption

Why Choose Activ8 Solar Energies

  • ISO 9001 accreditation for Quality Management Systems
  • Vetted by SEAI & IWA – 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • 12+ years solar experience with 9,000+ installs

  • Pioneered 1-Day install with no sub-contracting
  • 30-40% of our business comes from referrals
  • IWA – Deposit & warranty protected by third party
  • Market leading post-install service
  • Solar technicians trained in Austria at GREENoneTEC HQ

NSAI ISO 9001 Accreditation


Hoymiles Microinverters

Your decision to install Solar PV is a 20 year investment, so make sure to choose the solar energy package that gives you total peace of mind for the lifetime of your investment. As market leaders of microinverter technology, you can rely on Hoymiles for decades to come.

Microinverter technology allows each panel to work independently of one another, maximising the efficiency of your system no matter what conditions it is subjected to.

You can monitor your solar energy system from your Smart phone or PC through the Hoymiles monitoring software. This is also how we can monitor your system, with alerts of downtime sent straight to Activ8 Solar Energies HQ where we can remotely diagnose any issues your solar energy system may encounter! With Hoymiles, your solar power system truly is “Fit and Forget”.

  • Generate more energy and greater cost savings than string inverters

  • Best-in-class quality backed by industry-leading warranties
  • Multi-generation technology for residential and commercial systems

Is An Activ8 Solar PV System Suitable For You?

Contact us by clicking here to get more information on our Solar PV systems and whether or not it’s suitable.

Suntech STP270 Monocrystalline Panel

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Live Monitoring of Fresh Food Centre

Please see the live Enlighten Feed below to see exactly how the Fresh Food Centre’s system is doing.

Things to note:

  • Total Energy – Energy produced today along
  • Latest Solar power – What’s being produced right now!
  • Peak Solar Power – Highest one off production reached today
  • Photos – Installation Photos
  • Scroll down on the calendar to see the day by day Solar Power production! A history of your daily production/span>