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Solar Thermal Is Our Thing.

With over 9,000+ Installs in Ireland, we are the most trusted solar installer in Ireland.

Environmentally friendly, this kind of energy is renewable, and new uses of solar thermal energy are being developed, such as solar thermal panels. The future of solar energy is bright. Solar Thermal Energy is the use of solar energy to produce heat. This isn’t a complicated procedure. Most of us are probably familiar with the process and see it in our everyday lives.

Have you tried to touch an object after it has been laid under the sun on a hot summer day? Solar thermal energy works in the same way except that the heat generated is put to practical use to heat water or other mediums.

During this energy conversion and exchange the glycol solution is pumped through the water storage tank where it then heats the water. This is a continuous process; and in line with the sun’s solar radiation, you will be provided with hot water.

Why Solar Thermal?

Solar Thermal energy is an invention that reduces your bills and helps the environment, something that everyone can be thankful for. Our customers can vouch for us! Besides the fact that it offers endless renewable energy, it also has the following benefits:

  • Hot water at your finger tips: The system works throughout the year although it will require the support of a boiler in the duller winter season.
  • Saves you money: Providing up to 60% of your hot water needs, it will directly offset your bills by that 60% figure.
  • Saves the environment: Solar thermal energy helps reduce the emission of CO2 and therefore protects the environment.

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Activ8 Solar Thermal Panels: The best panels, made by the best!

Our panels are manufactured by GREENoneTec in Austria to our specific requirements, meaning they are made especially for the Irish climate. This relationship allowed us to design, test and improve our panels for each and every Irish roof.

GREENoneTEC Solar Thermal Collectors

See How Solar Thermal Works

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An Activ8 Solar Energies Installation

  • The team arrive at the appointed time and introduce themselves. Our qualified team leader will explain the whole process.
  • Your cylinder is replaced in your hot press with our higher capacity model, slates on your roof are removed to make way for the solar heating panels
  • As soon as the pipe work is connected, the solar system is flooded with glycol which acts as a heat-transfer medium
  • Final checks ensure the safety of the energy system and a BER survey is completed and the BER certificate will be forwarded to you
  • The team leader then instructs you on the safe use of your new solar water heating system
  • Your new solar panels will begin heating your water and you will enjoy free, renewable energy for many years to come.

Why Choose Activ8 Solar Energies

  • ISO 9001 accreditation for Quality Management Systems
  • Vetted by SEAI & IWA – 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • 12+ years solar experience with 7,000+ installs
  • Pioneered 1-Day install with no sub-contracting
  • 30-40% of our business comes from referrals
  • IWA – Deposit & warranty protected by third party
  • Market leading post-install service
  • Solar technicians trained in Austria at GREENoneTEC HQ

ISO 9001 Accreditation

Your Activ8 Solar System Can Consist of In or On Roof Panels!

Trust in our 7,000+ Customers and contact us by clicking here to get more information on a solar panel system for your home!

GREENOneTEC On Roof Panels

GREENOneTEC In Roof Panels

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

My solar system has been installed over 5 years, and it is honestly some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

Pat McEnaney

  • Our systems our bespoke and are tailored to suit all family sizes.
  • Our customer service has gotten us an IWA independent customer satisfaction rate of 99%.
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